Our Story

We became Christians in 1985, in Great Falls, MT. We helped pioneer “Valley Christian Fellowship” in Gardnerville, NV, before serving as chaplains with “Transport For Christ” at a truckstop near Seattle, WA.


In 1999 we accepted the challenge of serving with a small church in Durres, Albania, not knowing we would be there during the war in neighboring Kosovo. Our work was with the Kosovar refugees- Don delivering bread and supplies to 15 refugee camps; Marti giving medical aid to the sick and wounded. We lost our hearts to the Kosovar Albanian people and chose to serve God in their war torn, predominately Muslim country.


We arrived in Kosovo in August of 1999, confronted with the signs of total devastation from war. We lived in the city of Gjakova, and made contact with some of the people we had met when they were refugees. We wept as we heard their stories of family members dead, homes, farm buildings, and businesses destroyed. Even the crops in the fields were destroyed, farm tractors and equipment stolen, farm animals had been killed. Aid organizations provided emergency shelter and aid while beginning the process of repairing and rebuilding houses.

We built a bakery in a farming village where there had been a large massacre of men and boys. We distributed 800 loaves of bread 6 days a week to widows and children. Building relationships with people in the village we learned of the struggles and soon Don bought a tractor and farm equipment and began helping the widows prepare their fields for planting. We moved to the home of a Muslim family in the village where we lived for many years. We began some re-building projects, teaching English classes and having programs for children and widows.


Working alongside “Family Church of Gjakova” we support taking the message of God’s love to many people who have never heard this message before and have not known the love and forgiveness of God. Networking with other organizations helps provide for many needs. It’s amazing to be in Kosovo during this time of transition. God is opening many doors, and the time for sharing the gospel is today!

Lift Kosova is a non-profit, Christian humanitarian/missionary organization, “bringing help and hope” to the Kosovar people by meeting physical needs and sharing the gospel message of Jesus Christ. Lift Kosova is an outreach of Valley Christian Fellowship, Gardnerville, NV.