Lift Kosova Program Project Update

Here is a brief description of some of the programs and projects of Lift Kosova.

“ The Flour Sack ”- As funds are available, baking flour is often provided to needy widows and families. 100 KG of flour will supply a family of 10, bread for 1 month. Bread is a staple item in the Kosova diet.


“The Work Of Our Hands”- is the craft project offering the beautiful handwork made by the Kosova women - including Heirloom crochet, tatting, knit and needle lace. Custom-made orders are available. 100% of the funds collected for the handwork are returned directly to the family who made the items. you can help by hosting a special time of sharing these keepsakes from kosova at your church or other group meeting. Kosovar families will be blessed and you will have a great time! contact us!


“Doni’s Fields”- Several years ago Don purchased a tractor and farm machinery with money donated to LK. Krushe e Madhe is a farming village, and many people still need help to work their fields because they have not been able to replace equipment destroyed or stolen in the war. the area produces awesome peppers, cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers, corn, watermelon and much more! The cost to LK for diesel is about 50 Euro per day, during the spring and fall. replacement parts and maintenance cost approx. 300 - 400 Euro per year.


Family Aid- We minister to several families who are very poor, not able to provide the basics for their families. Through your generosity, we can provide food baskets to bless these families. Aid is often needed for clothing, winter coats, blankets, medical aid, transportation, garden tools, seeds, and plants, and to purchase produce to preserve for winter. No donation is too small to bring a blessing to those in need.


The General’s Fund- There’s always a general lurking somewhere, right? It must be Marti, and she always finds a need that must be met, with no funds to support it except for the general fund. There is the little one who needs an ice cream, or a bag of oranges to take home, and the widow or mom who needs some firewood, or some material to sew a dress. There may be a child who has never received a birthday gift, or the teenage girl from the village who has never gone to a real restaurant for a kafe or soda. So what to do? Then there are countless other expenses each month - including vehicle expenses and office expenses. The balance in the General’s Fund is always very low, and we often ask the Lord to multiply it to cover expenses. thank you for your generosity in meeting those needs.


Scholarship Fund- Educating our girls in kosova has become a major priority to lift kosova. We currently support several girls who are attending university or high school, and even middle school. education will change the future of our girls! please help us give them a future and a hope! Any Donation is gladly accepted, and should you choose to sponsor a student, please contact us!

Memorial Fund- We encourage you to consider the Lift Kosova Memorial Fund as a way to remember your loved ones who have passed away. GIFTS WILL BE ACCEPTED AS A MEMORIAL to the life of your loved one. Your gift will benefit A student in Kosova. We will be honored to send you the information you need in making this decision.


"Water Wells"- life outreach international, (The ministry of james and betty robison) continues to provide funds to open new water wells in many rural areas, for clean drinking water and water for gardens and fruit trees.


"The Kosova Shoe Project"- Hundreds of Kosovar children are blessed each year to receive “new shoes”, made in Kosova, and purchased with funds provided by “Life Outreach International”, Ft Worth, TX. Shoes are given at Christmas and Easter; each pair of shoes accompanied by a tract sharing the “good news” of Jesus Christ.


“Anti-trafficking”- We have been able to provide support to an Albanian missionary, Flora Memia, who is working with “Operation Mobilization” in a residential facility for abused women, and women liberated from the misery and degradation of the sex-trade in south-eastern Europe. Lift Kosova will receive donations for Flora Memia.

We thank you for the financial support! Truly YOU are lift Kosova!

May the lord bless you always!

Don & Marti Denham