Lift Kosova projects

Building Mervete's house
One Brick at at Time
New Bleachers for School
Children and Youth activities
A new roof

Assisting Lift Kosova

Milit Dina, Faithful helper to Lift Kosova

Lift Kosova providing "a Future and a hope" through education for girls

Attends private middle school - wants to be a doctor
In the 4th year of high school - will study to be a teacher
Lift Kosova's first university graduate, now ready to begin Master's Program
Second year at university studying to be psychologist

Doni's Fields

Doni & Ol' Blue rototilling a window's field
Ol' Blu was a real blessing
Don & New Blu going to the field
New Blu with a new driver

The work of our hands

Presenting the Work Of Our Hands at a craft fair
Kosova Crafts are available - Contact Us
Crochet as beautiful as fine art work

Water Wells

Life Outreach Int., Ft Worth, Texas. Blesses Kosova with new water wells

New Shoes

Children's group recieves new shoes from LOI
LOI Shoe Prject - Milit helps find the perfect fit




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